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First time in town?

Well.. welcome to San Carlos! Where the desert meets the sea!

There are 2 international airports, one is in Guaymas ,8 miles away from San Carlos and the other in Hermosillo, 1 1/2 hours away; and from the Baja, you can enjoy the Ferry that arrives in Guaymas or you can dock your boat in one of the two well main- tained boat marinas. You can have it all in San Carlos with the mountains, beaches and desert scenery which boasts a climate that supports healthy, active living. You will find year round sports including golf, tennis, swimming, snor- keling, biking, horseback riding, bowling, clamming, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, boating, fishing, sailing, or hiking. All are available not only to year round residents but those who are here vacationing for a short period of time. You won't be bored in San Carlos. You can find many international fishing tournaments, clubs to join, (Rotary and Lions to name two), play bridge, learn how to do ceramics, quilting, painting, arts and crafts, yoga, aerobics, and many more. The gym will also welcome you to workout in their large well-maintained facility with a pool and tennis court.

San Carlos is a unified community of North Americans who enjoy doing lots of things together. Whether it is having fund raisers for the community ambulance service, enjoying a concert around the large country club pool, or having a fishing tournament with many prizes, the people here have fun together. Our real estate company is very happy to be serving this community. Our office has been open in San Carlos for over 7 years and will be happy to help you get acquainted with this wonderful city.


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pool Community Pool
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Downtown in Guaymas

City Market


If you are looking for fresh meat, fish or vegetable, some clothes, accesories, shoes, sandals, purses, sunglasses, or anything that you would need, is easy to find it downtown un the city market. It is in Guaymas between the 19th and 20th street, one block from the main Av. Serdán.